Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote,

It occurs to me that I don't update this very much anymore? Which is dumb. I read my lj flist daily, often more. I check it before I glance at tumblr, even! (The syntax: gmail, twitter, lj, tumblr, jf, then random fucking around unless something interesting has cropped up on one of those. Or if Homestuck updated. (HUSSIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!))

So. My life lately: this morning two kids threw up, after no throwing-up all month. One was because she's new and tiny and cried so hard her little body couldn't contain her SADNESS AND RAGE. The other was probably because he cannot eat properly? And then he played with it quietly 'til we discovered it. So I didn't really eat lunch, was put off the whole notion. In other news, the typhoon that was dry and extremely windy all weekend has folded into a dreary sort of cold-and-rainy. I'm enjoying the cold! But not the rain, that sucks to drive a moped in, I tell you what.

And in fandom news, Homestuck. Homestuck homestuck homestuck I don't know any other words that aren't "home" and "stuck." (Unless sometimes Hive and Bent?)
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