Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote,

Flight booked to Taipei, then another one in October to Manila for visa purposes.

I keep double-booking myself socially, then blowing more than half of it off. Last night I was supposed to get my tattoo touched up, go to pints, and proceed to Rainbow Room, but ended up staying in bed and falling asleep before ten. Tonight I'm supposed to help Fesla move, pick up Devin from the airport, have friends over for margaritas, and go to the Ke$ha party (read: all-night last-big-shitshow of Santa Cruz)... obviously two of those can't get blown off, so we'll see how that goes. And then tomorrow I'm supposed to hang out with my sister, move two bookcases and a hundred books on my own, and not sleep (wink). And, of course, I'm working Saturday and Sunday. My moodswings are getting a little weird, a little fast and sensitive, too. Blegh.
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