Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote,

Didn't want to post 'til I caught up on my flist, which took skip=190 (with some judicious filtering), but here I finally am. Work starts tomorrow, and I'm underprepared and mildly suspicious of my employers, but not so much so that it's affecting my mood. I've done a little Chinese practice today (at Devin's fervent fucking urging, and very strict oversight), and felt very much like I felt doing homework in gradeschool.

Which... is a thing I'm about to be in charge of, for a handful of kids. Dear god I'm going to control their lives in a very particular way, and I'm doing it in their non-native language, and I'm not allowed to be soft with them because apparently the parents here will fuck my shit up. I hope I don't ruin anything.

In other news, I read Homestuck, caught up, and read a shittonne of fic in a short amount of time. As such, I'm taking recs, because I'm hungry for more! Also good art. (Yes I realize most of that is on tumblr, but I'm even more behind there than I am here.)

Annnnnd in other other news I seem to be actually rping again. Weird.
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