Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote,

I'm feeling surprisingly chipper about this

Dizzy spells have failed to dispell so I'm at PAMF having just talked to my Primary and having been scheduled for a neurologist appointment and a carotid ultrasound (since she heard a murmur there). Current working theory is that it's magical pain-free migraines. Unless it's not. For anyone that wants to play House, here are the symptoms:

-dizzyness/light-headedness/vertigo for short spells, usually 2-10 min with no warning
-very slight light sensitivity, occasional tunnel vision
-balance issues, especially with my eyes closed but sometimes I just stumble
-very clumsy, typing and knitting = increased error rate, sometimes I just drop what I'm holding, or stumble for no reason
-I frequently "just feel like I'm really wasted" despite zero alcohol intake for a week and a half

Differential diagnosis, people! (Whoever suggests lupus and can actually back it up wins a booby prize!)
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