Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote,

(9:08:46 PM) me: yeah. things move slow, I'm already sort of planning on picking a fight with her regarding [REDACTED], which will hopefully then resolve into a less painful equilibrium. The current one's really getting to me, I cannot hear that much talk about another woman in bed and not get fucked up about it.
(9:09:06 PM) me: even if the talk is about how fucked up things are with her. the setting, really just. nn.
(9:09:55 PM) her: you just fascinate me
(9:10:15 PM) me: por que
(9:10:51 PM) her: you have a lot of feelings and a lot of love and a lot of people and a lot of drama
(9:11:09 PM) me: and now I have time to feel/love/dealwith/enact all of it!
(9:11:10 PM) me: ish.
(9:11:23 PM) her: i feel like you should be selling the movie rights
(9:11:25 PM) me: for a while all of this was bent into syntax or else bent into cheating on syntax
(9:11:32 PM) me: I have written five books by hand
(9:11:34 PM) me: does that count
(9:11:38 PM) me: no, six!
(9:11:41 PM) me: haha
(9:11:50 PM) her: option them into a sitcom
(9:11:54 PM) her: how i met your mothers

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